Narberth Youth Theatre back in business—sessions start for September

Narberth Youth Theatre is back and open for business!!!!

Sessions start on Wednesday 7th September. Juniors ( aged 8-11) 5-6pm. Seniors ( aged 11-18) 6.30-8pm.

We are so looking forward to seeing NYT members and getting straight back into having some dramatic fun!

If you or your child would like to join us, please get in touch via FB closed message us or email narberthyouththeatre@yahoo.co.uk
—Narberth Youth Theatre, 3 September 2016

IMAGE CREDIT: The Beginning:
Narberth Youth Theatre Manifesto Statement 2011—
Youth involvement at every stage of performance production

MANIFESTO 2011: Narberth has a long history of producing, staging, organising and developing work solely for the benefit of its younger community.

It is now felt that such work should happen again but on a more regular basis.

Members of the Narberth Panto 2010 have strongly voiced their need to have an opportunity to regularly come together to learn new skills, develop as individuals and participate in all aspects of theatre production through the establishment of a theatre group.

Not only will younger members of the community have a safe place to go of an evening, but also a place to have fun, experience and gain new skills, and have an opportunity to broaden their horizons through theatre. Such enthusiasm cannot be ignored.

nyt foundation group, spring 2011